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Implement this library and instantly earn ${{prog.reward}}. Job is provided by {{prog.jobprovider}}.

ⓘ Download the project package and start implementing the solution. When you have implemented a solution, use the progsbase client to submit your implementation. Our systems will run a test suite created by the job provider. If the tests succeed, you will instantly be granted the reward. The first to submit a solution that passes the test suite gets the reward. Rewards are transferred to the PayPal account with the email registered in your profile the next business day at 18:00 CET.

The only things you need are JDK 7 or higher, the progsbase client and a text editor.

  1. Download and unzip the project package above.
  2. In {{prog.name}}/{{prog.name}}/ run progsbase importdeps Java IDE to import dependencies.
  3. To compile run: javac ../RunTests.java -sourcepath main/:test/:../imports/ -d ../target
  4. To run the tests: java -cp ../target RunTests
  5. Remove -SNAPSHOT from the version number. e.g. if the version is "0.1.1-SNAPSHOT", make it "0.1.1".
  6. When you are done, you can claim the reward by running: progsbase upload. The tests will be run and if all pass, you will receive the reward.

public class RunTests{
    public static void main(String [] args){

Reuse or develop this library:


Data Structure
Program v. Organization Namespace Scientific Namespace
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Download with the progsbase Tool

Add this to your info.json to include this library as a dependency. Then, use the progsbase tool to download the dependency.

["", "{{prog.organizationNamespace}}", "{{prog.name}}", "{{versionToString(prog.version)}}"]

Download for Development

This download includes the source code for the project. Currently, only Java is supported as an input language to progsbase. Check out this tutorial on how to build, test and run the project.

Download for Reuse

These downloads include the whole library and all dependencies. Everything you need to use the library is included. More options are available with the progsbase tool.